Our Partners

Paddington Brands has brought together the necessary experience and know-how to launch brands into unique market places quickly.

AP & Associates, LLC

AP & Associates, LLC starts with the consumer in mind and merges relevant messaging that meets our client’s objectives. In many cases, we strategically link celebrities to important brands using properties in the form of TV programs, community events, music, film, video, podcasting, narrowband, broadband and mobile media. The team’s creative development starts with research of the business, the audience and where consumers go to fulfill their entertainment desires.

Stage 1: Inspiration
We combine strategic planning with in-depth brand research to the consumer.

Stage 2: Creation
Develop the campaign strategy and program identity.

Stage 3: Activation
Launch the program tactics specifically tailored toward the brand objectives.

Stage 4: Quantify
Identify key learnings of the program performance and optimize.

To learn more, visit apscottsdale.com.

Pelican Brands


Pelican Brands is post merger with Paddington is now simply known as Paddington Brands. Pelican brands offers drinks’ importers a different way of supporting and driving their brands. We offer a customer and consumer focused approach, combined with world class brand strategy expertise.

We nurture every brand on an individual basis; we don’t try and apply a “one-size-fits-all” solution for every brand. We use in-depth consumer insight to define the brand strategy, not our own pre-conceived ideas.

By ensuring our brands are driven by consumer demand, we can then secure the route to market and distribution network to support the brand’s needs.

Our far-reaching drinks industry experience and expertise combined with an innovative and flexible approach offers a unique alternative to the traditional route-to-market for brand owners.

To learn more, visit us at Pelican-Brands.com.

International Speedway Corporation

International Speedway Corporation (ISC) doesn’t believe in slow and steady. The company is the top motorsports operator in the US with more than a dozen racetracks hosting more than 100 events annually. Its race facilities include Daytona International Speedway (home of the Daytona 500), Talladega Superspeedway, and Michigan International Speedway. In addition, ISC operates the Daytona 500 EXperience theme park and museum and it owns 50% of motorsports merchandiser Motorsports Authentics with rival Speedway Motorsports.

To learn more, visit us at InternationalSpeedwayCorporation.com.

Buzz Mouth

Buzz Mouth is a Social Media Management platform and a Full Service Digital and Interactive Strategy firm. We started building a robust platform to service our clients and along the way added the capabilities to manage our clients complete:

* Social Media
* Search
* Email

Buzz Mouth is strongly focused on helping companies manage their online brands and design a user experience to improve the viral ability of social media and product marketing. Beyond creating viral technologies, enabling word of mouth and buzz about companies is done through social media, search and email. We also build technology such as iPhone and Facebook applications to assist our clients in their online presence and growth.

To learn more, visit us at BuzzMouth.com.


Agostón is named after the wild Spanish boar and is made by the Bodegas Virgen del Aguila co-operative. Located in the great wine-producing area of northern Spain we´re lucky to have a climate and terroir ideal for making quality wines full of character. Here we have 2,200 hectares of vines, planted with a good range of grape varieties, including the native Tempranillos and Garnachas, as well as international varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Our oldest vines date from the year 1906 and help create wines of superb intensity, such as our Agostón range.

Our vineyards are located in the scenic foothills of the Ibérico mountain range and we have a wide variety of landscapes and eco-systems within our demarcated area. Under half of our land is taken up by vines, the rest being undisturbed areas of rocky outcrops and forested mountain slopes, dry river beds, wild-flower margins and old almond groves. This makes it and its surrounding area a zone of high biodiversity and an ideal wildlife haven, something that we’re committed to safe-guarding. The winery produces close to 10 million litres of wine a year, with a full range of styles, including young fresh whites and rosés, intense aromatic reds and complex oak-aged “Crianzas” and “Reservas”. The winery is modern, and fully equipped and the underground maturation cellars have 13,000 oak barrels.

3 Amigos

Tequila 3 Amigos is your local Arizona family tequila. Tequila 3 Amigos originated in Tepatitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. Tepatitlan is located in the region of Los Altos de Jalisco (highlands of the state of Jalisco). Los Altos red rich soil, incline land produces the finest Agave Azul Tequilana Weber. Tequila 3 Amigos is a young company with deep roots going back generations involving growing and maintaining blue agaves for some of the finest tequila companies. Tequila 3 Amigos came into the market with the experience and confidence that they can do better. Tequila 3 Amigos holds a high standard of making a quality tequila – “Quality is our Signature”, taking pride in exercising the best agricultural practices by growing and maintaining their blue agave organically, and harvesting their own agave at its prime ripeness, producing a tequila of the finest quality embodied with flavor and aromaspleasurable to any palate. Tequila 3 Amigos offers 4 tequilas to cater to every taste. 3 Amigos Blanco is double distilled, highlighting the true taste bouquet of blue agave and natural aromas. 3 Amigos Reposado is rested in charred white oak barrels for eleven months, allowing the blue agave flavor to come through, along with the oak of the 11-month resting period. 3 Amigos Anejo is aged in oak barrels for two years, leaving a smooth, flavorful, and distinct taste of agave and wood, with a vanilla and caramel finish. 3 Amigos Organic Blanco is the newest addition, providing an ultra smooth tequila that embraces the true flavor of ripe and pure organic blue agave.

3 Amigos Agave News (English)

3 Amigos Agave News (Spanish)


The Mineo Family represents the alliance between Calatrasi, a leading Italian wine producer, and 500 individual Sicilian growers. Italian wine is the number one imported wine category in the US.

Calatrasi produces nearly one million cases of wine annually and controls more than 1,100 hectares (2,700) acres in Sicily, Puglia and Tunisia. Over the last 10 years, Calatrasi has reinvested over $14 million on improvements to the quality and value of their wines. In 1998 Calatrasi created the D’istinto brand in co – ownership with BRL Hardy; the project achieved 300,000 cases in UK, becoming the number one Italian brand in UK.

La Piazza wines are fresh and rich wines that go well with any dish. The range includes 2 white wines, a blend of Catarratto (an indigenous grape varietal of Sicily) and Chardonnay, a Pinot Grigio and a red wine, which is a blend of Merlot and Nero d’Avola (an indigenous grape varietal of Sicily).

The Allora wines feature full-body, solid structure, fully represent the terroir of the Mediterranean area. The Allora range includes Viognier, Grillo (indigenous grape varietal) and Nero d’Avola from Sicily and Primitivo (Zinfandel) wine from Salento.

Chase Distillery

Chase Distillery is located on owner William Chase’s farm in the heart of Herefordshire countryside, approximately 150 kilometres North West of London. The distillery is housed in a converted hop kiln barn amongst 400 acres of rolling fields of potatoes, apple orchards and Herefordshire cattle.

The genuine quality of Chase Distillery’s products comes from the home grown ingredients and artisan methods used to make them.

William Chase’s journey into making vodka began in 2004 when he discovered potato vodka and how different it is from the usual grain variety and he was convinced he could do better because he could grow, mash and distil his own potatoes on his farm to create a genuine quality product with true pedigree and provenance. After selling his multinational crisp business, Tyrrells, he sourced the very best handcrafted equipment consisting of a large copper pot still and a one of a kind 70 foot rectification column (the tallest one in Europe) and built his own distillery by converting an old hop kiln barn on his farm.

The distillation process Chase uses is very traditional in its approach and one which early 1900s vodka distillers would be familiar with. The process is rather laborious but allows for total control of the quality of the products. All products are bottled & labelled by hand at the distillery.

The first bottle of Chase English Potato Vodka was launched on April Fools’ Day 2008 and took two years in the making. It was the first and still remains the only English potato vodka in the world. It’s made from potatoes grown on William’s farm in Herefordshire – varieties Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta. It takes 16 tonnes of potatoes to make 1000 litres of pure spirit (96%ABV). The distillery can even tell you which potato field your bottle of vodka comes from. They also encourage a sense of eco-spirit by using the waste potatoes and peelings to help feed their Herefordshire cattle and the stillage to help irrigate the fields. Each bottle has less than one drink mile because the potatoes and grown, mashed and distilled on site. The distillery has the capacity to make 3,500 bottles a week.

Chase potato Vodka has a smooth and creamy taste. It is designed to be drunk neat, usually straight from the freezer, but it can be drunk at room temperature to enable you to taste all of the subtle aromas. Their award winning Chase Elderflower liqueur is made with Chase Vodka giving it a genuine luxurious quality and velvety finish.

Chase Distillery is very much a family run business consisting of a handful of staff, two of which are William’s sons; James and Harry.

Flat 12

Flat 12 Bierwerks is a premium craft beer manufacturer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Flat 12 is committed to changing the opinion of what world class craft can be. While some beers hype exotic flavors or a over-the-top formulations, Flat 12 simply advocates taste. Flat 12 offers a variety of beer with both traditional and nontraditional styles. For more information, visit www.flat12.me.

Marisco Vineyards

Brent and Rosemary Marris started their new brand Marisco Vineyards in 2003 when Brent discovered a magnificent 260ha property in the Waihopai Valley of Marlborough. After several years of development the 260ha vineyard is producing close on 200,000 cases and is fast becoming one of New Zealand’s renowned Marlborough wineries/brands.

February 2009 saw ground broken on the site of the new 6,000 tonne winery and the 2010 vintage saw the first crush in the new winery.

Brent is one of New Zealand’s renowned winemakers, and when creating his new company he was determined to have complete control from vine to bottle – the construction of his new winery set amongst the vines on the Waihopai Valley property ensures that the wines produced are premium quality exhibiting flavorsand aromas that are synonymous with what has made Marlborough, and indeed Brent’s, wines popular worldwide

Napa Smith Brewery

Napa Smith Brewery is located at the southern gateway to Napa Valley, just south of the town of Napa. Napa Valley is internationally known as a destination for those individuals who seek the best that life has to offer. Napa Smith is proud to contribute to the Napa tradition of hard work, craftsmanship, and artistry with the introduction of its unique family of beers. It creates its beers using proprietary recipes developed by Master Brewer Don Barkley – a veteran of 30+ years in the craft brewing industry.

Red Eye Bloody Mary mix

Red Eye Bloody Mary mix is a prime example of a top quality product with unique and differentiated branding. It has proven so popular with consumers that the accolades are now included on the website. Redeye Bloody Mary mix is unique because it consists of 96% tomato solids and a complex secret recipe including lemon juice and spices, complete with jalapeno pieces. More of a meal than a drink, the fan base for this fabulous brand is ever-expanding.

Our Distributor Partners

Pelican Brands has a world class group of distributors covering all 50 states.

One of Pelican’s strengths is its deep knowledge and relationships with the U.S. distribution landscape. Our partners have run major distributors across the US and called on the wine, spirits, and beer industries for many years.

Our National Accounts Focus

Pelican Brands’ specializes in activating brands within national accounts. We have a long history of developing businesses in both the on and off premise chain accounts. This is a vital channel for most brands today and our expertise covers accounts from Wal-Mart and Kroger to Marriott, Hilton, Brinker and Darden..