Paddington Brands

Paddington Brands is a brand incubator and accelerator in the global beverage space. Our team has extensive experience in the Beer, Spirits, Wine and non-alcoholic beverage industries throughout the US and the world. The team also has unique “taste maker”, African American and Hispanic marketing and program execution capabilities. Paddington has relationships with the leading distributors in all segments of beverage, as well as many of the leading sales platforms throughout the industry.

Paddington is built with a rich tradition and memory of roots in the history of some of the industry’s greatest brands.

In 1937, Charles Guttman founded the original The Paddington Corporation, which became the exclusive importer of Justerini & Brooks Ltd. (J&B) scotch, and a very successful creator of fine wines and liquors including Bailey’s Irish Cream. Paddington was acquired by several large conglomerates in the 1960s – 1980s and eventually became a division of Diageo, the worlds largest spirits company. Diageo later abandoned the Paddington entity and it has remained dormant until now. The new Paddington Corporation, though a completely independent and unaffiliated company, draws on the rich tradition of building brands over the long term that Charles Guttman established so many years ago.

redeye brand.